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Non Violence International

From the management of TDW: Non Violence should be on the forefront of any conflict resolution. Violence feeds on itself ,and, in most cases, it is the innocent that suffers. The promotion of non violence is conducted on many levels; Non Violence International recognizes that and is involved in many projects throughout the world. Click the banner to the left, or, the link below to reach the web site of Non Violence International. Below are excerpts from the Who We Are section of Non Violence International.

Who We Are

Founder: Mubarak Awad
Program Director: Michael Beer

Regional Directors:

Aceh -
South East Asia - Yeshua Moser
Newly Independent States - Andrei Kamenshikov
Latin America - Andres Thomas Conteris
Palestine - Sami Awad

History and Goals

Since its founding in 1989, Nonviolence International (NI) has provided assistance to individuals, organizations and governments globally seeking nonviolent means to achieve their social and political goals. The goal of NI is to strengthen the ability of individuals or communities to make decisions about situations affecting their lives and to participate in defining their state's or nation's interest by enhancing leadership and nonviolence skills. NI promotes nonviolent action as an effective means for citizen diplomacy and the resolution of conflict, as well as a powerful alternative to violence.

NI addresses a growing and vital need in the international political system. The many recent political, economic and social changes have presented unprecedented opportunities for participation by the individual, the private citizen or the non-governmental organization. However, people often lack the needed skills or resources to express their interests and realize their goals for justice and human development in ways other than through traditional leadership and decision-making channels. Nonviolence is a powerful and available means for change that empowers people to promote change and at the same time, reduce the amount of violence.

NI recognizes, however, that the field of nonviolence is somewhat undefined and that most people know little about it. In order for people to use nonviolence, they must first become educated about it. NI provides this assistance through the development and distribution of general education materials on nonviolent action as well as hands-on strategy sessions and training for activists and organizers. Resources are easily accessible through NI's strong global network of accomplished nonviolence activists, academics and trainers, as well as through written materials from various traditions, personal consultation and training, and electronic and computer services.

NI staff and activists have been invited by groups and individuals in regions all over the world (including S.E. Asia, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa) to assist them in developing their skills and strategies for waging nonviolence campaigns. As a result, many have successfully achieved their goals with nonviolence. In addition, NI has been instrumental in assisting universities to develop academic programs in nonviolence. Two such existing programs are at the American University in Beirut and the American University in Washington, D.C.

NI programs are in the following areas:

1) Training and Strategic Planning and Consultation;
2) Nonviolent Action Booklet Series;
3) International Journal of Nonviolence;
4) Global Training Directory and;
5) Nonviolence International Resource Center (USA).
Past and continued efforts include a Democracy project in the Middle East; seminars and a conferences addressing the relationship between Islam and Nonviolence; how-to booklets on the Consciousness of Nonviolence; publication of the 3rd volume of the International Journal of Nonviolence and the Global Training Directory; and other international assistance projects upon request.


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